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  1. Neville Bradbury on

    After careful reading , it would seem that it was an unfair and stacked evaluation.
    Why did these guys not look at Intalio, especially the current version 5 designer and powerful BPEL 2 engine (supports bpel 1.1 as well).

    This would have been a much more apples-apples comparison of GUI, BAM, Process monitoring, dashboard reporting, BPMN, Integration across portal, esb, cms, simulation and real time execution as well as many other features. Once people see and get a real view on the Intalio designer and engine as well as the many adapters and connectors to SAP, MQSeries etc, people rethink their position of what BPM platform that can then look at.

    This is especially true for other contenders such as System Architect, Vision as an example.

    The best way to gain the correct knowledge is to know how the tool really works and the best way we know that can send the message about Intalio is through workshops and training.

    Neville Bradbury
    OpenSoft Australia

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